CSD 3324 SP Secure Voice/Fax


Secure Voice Telephone and Fax Encryption - AES 256-bit

Product Features

  • Strategic-level security for voice and fax
  • Excellent recovered voice quality
  • Easily connects to any Group 3 fax machine
  • User-friendly menu-based set-up (may be password protected)
  • Secure and non-secure modes; password protected secure-only mode
  • Stored phone numbers: 50 names and phone numbers; last number redial
  • Auto-answer/fax sense: user configurable number of rings

CSD 3324 SP Secure Telephone/Fax Encryption System

The CSD 3324 SP Secure Voice Telephone and Fax Encryption system provides integrated voice and fax secure communications for mission-critical government, corporate and private applications. A secure telephone and fax encryption system, the CSD 3324 SP secures voice conversations as well as connects to any Group 3 fax machine for secure fax communications. Using the AES 256-bit algorithm and Diffie-Hellman public key exchange key management, the CSD 3324 SP offers proven cryptographic strength, ease of deployment and operation.

CSD 3324 SPF Secure Fax Encryption Device

The secure fax encryption also interoperates with TCC's CSD 3324 SPF secure fax encryptor, which also uses the AES 256-bit encryption engine and Diffie-Hellman public key exchange.

CSD 3324 SPV Secure Voice Telephone Encryption

The CSD 3324 SPV secure telephone with voice encryption also interoperates with the CSD 3324 SP.


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